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Pro Testimonial

“The art of skate sharpening is something that is critical to performing on the ice. I always trusted “Smoke” to have my skates in a perfect condition. He is truly one of the best at not only preparing your skates but also finding the right “fit” for your feet. I have no doubt that “Smoke” can help anyone with their skate needs.” — Adam Deadmarsh

Hockey Equipment Repair

Professional Experience

With over 30 years of skate sharpening and professional hockey equipment repair experience, Smokey is the chosen expert for both pros and amateurs in the Denver area. If you don’t live in Denver, we also accept mail-in repairs. Have you ever found yourself in a bind before a big game? Look no further, as Smokey can take care of you with after hours emergency equipment repair available.

Hockey Equipment Repair

Professional Results

Smokey’s work is approved and is still demanded from past, present, and future Colorado Avalanche Hall of Famers.

Hockey Equipment Repair

Professional Attitude

You will get professional service tailored to your needs, just like the pros expect with theirs. Whether you play in juniors, Triple A, house leagues or just shoot around here and there, your skates and equipment will be treated with the utmost care.

What I do

Smokey offers a variety of equipment services to get you back on the ice quickly, including 👉

Hockey Equipment Repair

Skate Repair

The most important pieces of equipment for a hockey player are his skates. Smokey can straighten and replace blades and holders, repair rivets and eyelets, sharpen to your specifications and more.

Hockey Equipment Repair

Equipment Repairs

Broken straps, busted seams, worn out gloves, and any other equipment malfunctions can ruin a good game. Let Smokey bring your old gear back to life in a way only a professional in the industry can.

Hockey Equipment Repair


Goalies already have a tough job, and the last thing they need is an equipment problem that takes away focus from the game. Smokey can make sure your helmet, leg pads, gloves, and anything else you use to stop that puck are perfect.

How could I forget the best skate sharpener in the business, Smokey Flemming!

— Adam Foote (Nov. 2, 2013, Retirement Ceremony)