Smokey’s Services


Smokey’s Skate Shop will handle all of your gear needs, from hockey equipment repair and modification to skate sharpening and gear sales. Get professional service from a Stanley Cup winning equipment guru at Smokey’s Skate Shop!

Hockey Skate Repair:

• Blade repairs and replacement, including rivets
• Eyelet replacement, including leather repair if needed
• Skate stretching, including heat-process fitting
• Skate sharpening
• Blade profiling

Hockey Equipment Repair:

• Glove re-palming
• Elastic and velcro strap replacement
• Replacements, including pant padding, buttons, eyelets, belts and lacing
• General hockey equipment repairs


• Goalie blocker re-palming
• Goalie pad leg straps
• Leather repairs and stitching
• Custom cheaters and thigh boards
• Catch glove repairs
• Arm and chest pad replacement straps and velcro, additional padding, etc.
• Replacement pant padding, straps, buttons, eyelets, etc.
• General goalie equipment repairs


• Mask and helmet cage, strap, and screw replacement
• Hockey bag patching, zipper and strap replacement, etc.
• Jersey/sweater repairs
• Hockey sock sewing repairs
• Tool belt and tool bag repairs
• Harness and canvas repairs, including soft-sided dog kennels
• Public safety personal protective equipment repairs
• EMS trauma bag repairs
• Customized protective padding for any sport
• Baseball/softball glove lace replacement and repairs

Emergency Repairs