The art of skate sharpening is something that is critical to performing on the ice. I always trusted “Smoke” to have my skates in a perfect condition. He is truly one of the best at not only preparing your skates but also finding the right “fit” for your feet. I have no doubt that “Smoke” can help anyone with their skate needs. — Adam Deadmarsh

For five years I had the honor of wearing the Avs sweater, and not once during those years did I have to worry about the condition of my skates. They were how I liked them, hanging in my stall, everytime I got to lace them up. Man, we had some good times, Thanks again Smokey. — Greg De Vries

How could I forget the best skate sharpener in the business, Smokey Flemming! — Adam Foote

You never have to tell Smoke twice! He’s the best in the business. Not only is he a master at his craft, he is also a great friend. I have played on many teams and had many attend to my skates and equipment, but there was no one as good as Smoke. — Eric Lacroix